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THANKS. But if the thought of driving your trailer in reverse causes you stress read on — this was written for you. As a teenager I worked 4 years for a landscape company and my last year I was promoted to a foreman. This meant driving a large truck and pulling a large dump or flatbed trailer hauling heavy machinery. But I’m not. During my landscape days I either let one of my crew backup the trailer or would jimmy it back-and-forth until it was good enough. To be honest up until a few months ago I dreaded reversing the Land Yacht (Airstream). It’s like my brain would switch off and I would lose all sense of direction then the trailer would go everywhere except where I wanted it to. People would be gawking or I would be holding up traffic and get totally stressed out.

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Unlike Samwell, Dickon is an excellent swordsman and hunter. He’s said he’ll appear in five episodes, with “one major scene in each episode”. But yeah, we’re big fans of the show. Watch the band’s full reaction in the clip below. In December UFC president Dana White said McGregor would be in season 7 and a Watchers On The Wall source confirmed he would play a pirate on Euron Greyjoy’s ship, the Silence. But, then, speaking to the Good Times Network in late January, McGregor emphatically denied any knowledge of this. He said: “I don’t know where that came from, but I’ve never been in contact with nobody from Game of Thrones about starring in Game of fucking Thrones ! Does the boxer protest too much, d’you think. Check out his minute-long denial in the video below, starting around the 30-second mark.


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We last heard about Red Notice in February when Universal acquired the project in a bidding war that made it the year’s biggest deal so far. Red Notice reunites Dwayne Johnson with his Skyscraper and Central Intelligence director Rawson Marshall Thurber, and it also has DCEU connections, as Johnson himself is attached to star in the DC Comics adaptation Black Adam (playing an anti-hero with ties to next year’s Shazam ). There are a variety of ways that Chris Pine could be back in Wonder Woman 1984, but the most obvious comes to us from the classic Wonder Woman TV show, in which the same actor played two relatives both named Steve Trevor (possibly a grandson or great nephew). As the film nears its final days of filming, Marvel is already preparing for post-production, and a key role in that process is the score. To that end, Marvel Studios made history this week with the hiring of film and TV composer Pinar Toprak. Toprak’s key distinction on Captain Marvel is that she will be the first female composer to ever score a major superhero movie (though she did contribute some music to Justice League ). Marvel Studios has scheduled Captain Marvel for release on March 8th, 2019, when no other film is scheduled (would you take Marvel on directly? . With that in mind, we now have talk of an Arachnophobia remake.


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The Umbers took considerable losses but have a strong martial tradition as the northernmost House, always fighting wildling incursions, so even their remaining forces of old men and young boys amount to a fairly considerable army. It is a joking inside reference to Craig Mazin, a writer who is a friend of Benioff and Weiss that gave them vital advice on the unaired pilot episode of the TV series. The Whents held Harrenhal but actually died out during the course of the war, as their last living member old lady Shella Whent died during the Lannister occupation, and the lands were nominally given to Littlefinger. The Stark children actually have some partial claim to Harrenhal given that their maternal grandmother was herself a Whent. Not every House is labeled, only the most important ones discussed in dialogue. Also note that the camera is viewing the map from the right hand side, so East is at the bottom of the screen (click to expand). A full political map of The North, labeled with the locations of all major noble Houses, even those not mentioned by name in this episode (click to expand). In each of the Seven Kingdoms, there are typically about a dozen or so major vassal Houses immediately below the Great House of each region (a little more in some, a little less in others), though each of them may in turn have up to a dozen or so minor lordly Houses under it, and they have Houses of landed knights under them, and so on. Other major Houses are so strong and wealthy, such as House Manderly, that some of their minor Houses rival the weaker major Houses in size.


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The Amit Sharma-directed film has entered its sixth week and with collections to the tune of Rs 132 crore, the film has become the highest grossing small film of all times. It has surpassed lifetime collections of Rajkumar Rao’s Stree (Rs 130 crore), Alia Bhatt’s Raazi (Rs 124 crore) and Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety (Rs 109 crore). The film is still going strong and will be running a one horse race until the release of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar-starrer 2. on November 29. This is the second instance in 2018 when cinephiles rejected a film for its mediocre storyline. An Eid release and a Salman Khan film, despite these tags, Race 3 tanked at the box office. Films like Jab Harry met Sejal and Tubelight met the same fate. Hits and flops are part of the game but when big stars, big studios and big budget films do not tick with the audience it is a wake up call for the film industry that audience cannot be taken for granted and only a strong subject can save the day. But the silver lining is actors taking responsibility for the failure of their films.